Outreach Trailer

Exciting Block Party, Movie Event, or Sidewalk Sunday School.

What is the Outreach Trailer?

The Outreach Trailer (OT) is a fully loaded aluminum trailer that has a drop down side that becomes a stage with lights, sound, movie screen and projector.  A team of volunteers will stay and help with the neighborhood event.

What’s my Job as a Host?

Each Event Host is responsible for recruiting 6 people from family or church family to help you canvas the neighborhood and pass out pre-printed door hanger invitations 2 weeks prior to the event.  Your job on the day of the event is to build relationships.  The connections made through these neighborhood events will be a pathway to share the love of Jesus.

What is the OT used for?

2 Different types of OT Events:

Block Party

Invite the neighbors over for a block party with a purpose.  How about a Movie Night on the lawn?

7 Trained Volunteers will:

  1. Deliver the OT to your house
  2. Start the grill and cook the food
  3. Set up and inflate the Bounce House
  4. Engage the guests with yard games
  5. Set up the sound and projector

Kid Focused Event

Think of Sunday Kids Church on your front lawn!

Children’s Ministry Program Director will bring a team of 9 people with:

  1. High energy praise music
  2. Interactive multi-media
  3. Simple Bible Lesson
  4. Yard Games
  5. Bounce House
  6. Grill & Free food

What’s in the OT?

The OT is18 ft long, 8.5 ft. wide, & 8 ft. tall!

  1. Built-in Stage
  2. Rear Projection Movie Screen
  3. Mounted Projector
  4. Sound System & Wireless Mics
  5. Yard Games
  6. Generator & Extension Cords
  7. Cooler (all food & drinks included)
  8. Popcorn Machine
  9. Gas Barbecue Grill
  10. Tables & Chairs
  11. First Aid Kit
  12. Bounce House (35 ft. long, 8.5 ft wide, 8 ft. high) with a tarp, blower, & generator that can accommodate 7 kids at once!

Scheduling Your OT Event

Event dates are available on Friday Nights & Saturdays on a first come/first serve basis from May-October.  

Give us a call to schedule a OT ministry event! Download a Outreach Trailer Brochure in a pdf format

Abundant Life Community Church

3986 Humbert Rd. Alton, IL

(618) 474-5433